Welcome to my new blog

10 years ago, I have started writing my first blog: this was long before the times of facebook becoming mainstream, smartphones all over the place and whatsapp hadn’t even been invented back then.

Hence, blogging was a great way to share my amazing experiences around the globe with family and friends and is of course lovely for myself to indulge in nostalgia up to the present day.

For 2018, I wanted to start out something new, something that can potentially help other nature-lovers when thinking of destinations or planning their next outdoor adventure.

Inspired by the innumerous wonderful walks we’ve been on, by the gorgeous places we’ve discovered off-road sometimes accidentally – wandering around – and simply by the passion I feel for being on the move out and about, I am putting the word WANDERLUST in the name of my new blog. It’s taken from my native German, meaning an intense appetite for hiking 🙂 According to Wikipedia, Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.  Check out the link above to read more interesting trivia about Etymology, Sociology and Psychology of the word.

I invite you to join me seeing our beautiful planet through different lenses. Gain fresh inspiration and thus more diverse perspectives by looking not just through another lens but many different ones – think different colours, different styles, different angles and so on. B/c we must not forget,

  1. things are not always as they seem
  2. things usually have more than one side to it


We can decide through which lenses we look at the world and therefore how we see it. After all, “the results we get in our lives depend on what we do. What we do depends on how we see the world around us.” (Stephen R. Covey)

To that end, have a fantastic year 2018 and may you live a life that you love!

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For those of you who prefer to read in another language, pls check out Google Translate which seems to have become quite good in recent times: https://translate.google.com/

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