Jaunting through Heidelberg, Mannheim and the beautiful Pfalz Palatinate

The reason for this seemingly random trip? My friend Tobi is getting married to his lovely better half Jen. It’s a beautiful friendship I share with Tobi as we first met exactly 10 years ago when we both lived in Charleston, SC. Back in the days we used the then hugely popular social platform StudiVZ to connect with other students while working in the US. Through modern technology such as Email, Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp we stayed in touch throughout the years and it’s great to look back. It’s been a few houseparties and BBQs, climbing trips and paintball sessions, the Octoberfest in Munich, brief encounters in Vienna, Berlin and London and here we are, talking about the good old days;) I am delighted to be celebrating with them and happily welcome another opportunity to travel … and the opportunity to see some more good old friends that I’ve met along the way and rarely get a chance to be with 🙂

Flying into Frankfurt’s International Airport I’m driving south to Heidelberg where a dear former colleague now calls home. It’s my first visit to the world-famous university town and I’m super excited to not only meet Ayse and her husband after two years but also stroll through quaint Heidelberg with the mum-to-be 😉 For those wanting to walk more, I suggest not only walking up to the castle and then summiting the hill but also taking the Philosophen Weg on the other side of the river. Gorgeous views granted!

My next stop is only a short drive away up the Neckar: Mannheim where I’m lucky to stay with my friends Marion and Fred on one of their very last weekends before relocating to the US! The sun is lowering itself when I drive on the wide streets towards the “Wasserturm” city centre. Just in time I get to the Neckar and walk along it, people watching, wildlife observing, music listening, smiling. Across the Kurpfalzbrücke and into downtown, what a beautiful stroll through Mannheim, spring blossom all around me!

We have dinner together and talk and talk and talk all night, it’s so enjoyable to catch up after such a long time! 🌷 The next morning is the day of the wedding and the weather couldn’t be better. Sun floods the beautiful apartment and warm air touches my body as I step out in the garden. Marion’s breakfast shots of orange, ginger and chili are pure magic 😉

Here’s to the newly-wed couple – thank you for having me celebrate this special day with you!

Keep calm and enjoy the view, we’re at home on the terrace of Tobi’s parents’ new house:

I’m tremendously grateful for the wonderful hospitality I’ve received from you all, thank you very much for welcoming me in your homes and spending time together, sharing your food and some nice stories! Thank you for keeping the friendship although we don’t get to speak that often, left alone see each other.

We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.

Tim McGraw ~ American Country Singer

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