After almost 7 years, I’m back in Madrid. My day-to-day is quite different nowadays compared to the student life in those former days, when I studied at Universidad Carlos III for one semester during my Master’s and living in La Elipa with locals. Lovely memories and I’m over the moon to be strolling through the shady avenidas and cobblestone alleyways again, even seeing one of my dear acquaintances – Salva – who is living in the city to this day 🙂

Reason I’m here now is actually for my new job role in a European team and I’m going to meet everyone in person. Because I always try “to make the most” of a trip, I’m flying on the Friday so I can take advantage of the weekend, work from our office in Madrid and get to my meeting for Wednesday.

I’m staying at Calle de las Huertas, a pedestrian precinct in the lively centre and walk straight from there, past little bodegas and tapas bars, colourful zapaterías and floristerías, architectonically beautiful churches and other venerable buildings. The air is wonderfully warm this morning, a smell of fresh oranges from the juice machines around every corner and the sound of street music enlivens the neighbourhood even more. Can we just have time stand still for a little while to make this day last longer? …

Just an hour by bus, north from Madrid, is the quaint little town of Segóvia. Quintessentially Spanish as you’d imagine it from the books, Segóvia with its outstanding aqueduct is built on a hill, surrounded by a thick stone wall, complete with a cathedral and a castle. Apart from the busy main streets it’s quiet and perfect for wandering around to see the unseeable. To this end, I observed a stork feedings his offspring on top of a chimney, discovered a hidden path along the outer city walls towards the north, learned about the town’s Jewish history and stumbled across some incredible flora growing out of vertical concrete, amongst other gorgeous views!

Below you can see a map of Segóvia and the green line shows exactly my tour and whereabouts during these wonderful 8 hours in/around town. I strongly recommend anyone visiting Madrid to spare a day and explore this hidden gem 🙂

That’s me at 9:35pm in front of the Palacio Royal.

Thank you for these wonderful days in Spain!

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