How taking the “wrong train” made my day in Amsterdam

I’m kinda tired when I arrive at the busy Amsterdam Schiphol airport this Saturday morning. The train I’m supposed to take to Amsterdam Centraal is late and b/c I don’t pay attention I’m taking the first one on the platform. When I realize my oversight it’s too late and I get off at the next station to avoid going any further. I’m at Amsterdam Zuid and start walking through green parks and along canals through a lovely, still quiet residential area. The sun is still a bit shy but eventually it comes out and the flowers on the bridges glow even brighter. Some cyclists ride by and lead the way into beautiful Vondel Park where I watch the ducks take their morning bath.

I continue my walk northwards all the way to Kinkerstraat where I come across a wonderful little shop “We are vintage” decorated with lots of love for detail and staffed by amazingly warm-hearted people 🙂

Here is where I come across a street market with authentic Brazilian food and there’s me tucking in: Coxinha de Frango, Pastel com Carne e Queijo Catupiry, Brigadeiro and made complete by Guaraná. I love meeting the community here and before I know I’m in a lively conversation with a woman from Goiás and a guy from São Paulo.

Just around the corner from here is a trendy indoor food market “Foodhallen” and I decide to base myself at Kanarie Club for an hour to brush up on my memories from reading a world-famous diary about 15 years ago, before I’m heading over to Anne Frank Huis.

And what a daunting experience it has been walking through this hidden annex were 8 people went into hiding from the Nazis for over 2 years until they were discovered by the Gestapo on August 4, 1944 and taken to Camp Westerbork before being deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

At this point, I’d like to remind us all of this quote of actress and activist Emma Thompson (speech at Anne Frank Huis in 2009) for its meaningfulness: All her would haves are our real possibilities.


This courageous and inspiring girl knew already at her young age “no one has to wait but can start right now to gradually change the world.

…How wonderful it is […]

The short walk to Amsterdam Centraal from where I take a train to Utrecht reassures me that I was actually super lucky to have taken the supposedly “wrong” train this morning, therefore avoiding the masses of tourists crowding the streets and trashy shops (wondering whether it had been this bad when I was last here 3+ years ago and loving it;) and encountering marvellous places, people and poetry instead.

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