Dubai – City of Superlatives

We’ve left rainy London in the late afternoon to catch our flight to sunny Dubai, where we arrive bright and early in the morning.

Wow – what a different world here, an eclectic mix of ethnicities, architectural styles and the smells of delicious oriental food is surrounding us.

We spend the morning walking around the historic city centre and gold souk where streetwise merchants busily follow their trade.

Taking one of the little boats called “Abra” across Dubai Creek to visit the open-air museum, is a lovely experience for us, getting a taste of the original birthplace of the city.

In the afternoon we visit “The Palm Jumeirah” and enjoy some time at the beach and its perfectly manicured green paths along the uncountable shopfronts.

The absolute highlight of our day is experiencing Burj Khalifa, with 829m the world’s tallest building, by night. I\s a ginormous shopping mall – Dubai Mall is in fact the world’s largest – surrounding a lake and with inviting al fresco dining areas all around, above it, towering a beautiful construct that’s narrowing as it grows up and into the sky.

An amazing show is put on: water fountains moving according to music and accompanied by a wonderful laser light show …

It’s hard to describe in words really, best come and see for yourself!

A huge THANK YOU to Daniel’s good friend Stefano and his partner Yvonne for showing us around and giving us some insights into life in the United Arab Emirates. What a day!

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