Up the Coast and into Hunter Valley

Another beautifully sunny day and we take the Old Pacific Highway up to Central Coast to a quaint little beach surrounded by lush tropical forest, it’s called Bateau Bay. We’re following the bushwalk around some corners to enjoy some sweeping vistas and as the sun sets, pitch our tent in the nearby holiday park “Blue Lagoon Beach Resort”.

This is the east coast so once breakfast time comes round we get a front row seat to watch the sun rise out from the vast ocean in front of us. Nature at its best. Thank you!

Another couple of hours drive northwest and we get to Hunter Valley, the famous wine region in Sydney’s backyard. Here we get to see kangaroos in the wild for the very first time. What an experience! They hop away as fast as they had hopped in front of us and by the time we’ve got our camera’s ready they’re nowhere to be seen. Next time 😉

We’re pitching our tent around the area of quiet Broke. What a wonderful place for a romantic getaway, dining on a cosy candle-lit terrace built into the hill, overlooking the vineyards and observing the night draw in. We’ve found paradise 🙂

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