Surprise visit at Gold Coast

Wow – what an unexpected adventure!

On a Wednesday I get asked whether I could help out at Salesforce’s first ever Trailhead Bootcamp in Australia the following week. The only caveat – it’s at Gold Coast, an hour’s flight north from Sydney in tropical Queensland. Hm, I certainly can help out and would be delighted to do so, showing our Trailblazers their way around our platform and support their studying for certifications. It’s an awesome week full of learning, inspiration and making new friends. The event is amazingly well organised with many different highlights such as the introduction of Ruth – the Salesforce Architects’ mascot, Trailblazer Dance, PoolParty, Study Hall around the Campfire and Gratitude Tree.

Queensland’s balmy winters mean sunshine throughout the whole weekend temperatures in the mid 20s. Staying in Surfers Paradise, we stroll along the beaches and around buzzing Cavill Mall.

In order to make the most of our time in Queensland, we stay on a few more days and explore the nearby Springbrook Nationalpark, part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. Only an hour’s drive but it feels like a world away … we wander through gorges, above rock walls, behind waterfalls, under cliffs, and across lakes – tiptoeing over the rocks in the pools. A marvellous experience with gorgeous views across the thick forests over the coast and even far away Byron Bay, plus spotting some of the super shy Lyrebirds is a highlight!

The last day we spend beach hopping along the wonderful gold coast … enjoying an early breakfast picnic at Palm Beach’s morning tranquillity, taking the board walk through swampy mangrove forests and completing the beautiful loop walk at Burleigh Heads. We then head south to Currumbin Beach and the Snapper Rocks stretch where we climb a striking rock, observing life by the beach.  Finally we get to trendy Coolangatta Beach and up Greenmount Beach where we watch the whales migrate north! What a finish to an amazing week at the Gold Coast – we’re truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity to go on a trip 🙂 Thank you!

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