A few days in Melbourne

An opportunity came round for us to visit Melbourne and we are super excited to explore “Australia’s 2nd City” and Melburnians certainly challenge this in the constant (friendly) rivalry with Sydney 🙂  It’s a city everyone has heard of and we even had the chance to move their but opted for Sydney. Finally we get to visit what’s by many seen as “Australia’s most European city”. Why European? Some of the historic architecture is apparently a bit more European in style, the street art all around and especially in little cobblestoned alleyways like Hosier Lane and AC/DC Lane reminds of some European cities and the famous food scene cooks up a diversity of dishes from all over… Another highlight of the trip will be Chinatown! Melbourne boasts and abundance of asian eateries and so we’ll dig into mountains of dumplings and lakes of hot pots, it reminds me of my amazing times in Taiwan some 10 years ago now 😉


After a hiccup with flights due to the high winds in Sydney, Melbourne greets us with surprisingly beautiful weather, blue skies and mild temperatures. It’s a lovely green city which we enjoy to explore by tram and per pedes, walking along the river and brunching at South Melbourne Market with its delicious bakeries, bistros and cantinas serving international cuisine and fusion food. It’s a beautiful walk south to St Kilda by the ocean and we realise it’s the most southern point on this planet we’ve ever set foot on!

Photo taken from thesweetwanderlust.com

Coincidentally, “White Nights” are on just the weekend we’re there and wow, there’s some marvellous night strolling for us. A true delight for all senses, these art projects all over the city are inspiring and steer up some reflections…wow!

Discovering the Melbourne Bike Share scheme is a game changer for us, cruising round the many parklands, lakes, Olympic Village and up to the thoughtfully designed Shrine of Remembrance.  ….What a wonderful opportunity for locals and visitors alike, to make their way around the city.    Thank you for a beautiful weekend in Melbourne, Victoria!

Sometimes travel is merely an opportunity taken when you can.

Ian Frazier, Travels in Siberia

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