Touring Tasmania’s East Coast

After going to tropical Queensland for our first holiday in Australia back in June, we chose Tasmania as our next dream destination for a little spring holiday. I couldn’t have been more excited to get to know this place we’ve heard so much about, watched movies and documentaries – now we are renting a campervan for the first time ever to explore this unspoiled island south of “Mainland Australia”.

Thank you to our friends and family who have inspired us with their own cruisin’ motorhomes to try out something new – bringing our camping adventures to the next level.

And … stargazing at night in the middle of nowhere is a true highlight of our trip!

On the first day we explore the Tasman Peninsula, learn about the convict past and experience some cool blowholes at Devils Kitchen. Of course we get a first taste of delicious Tasmanian fish and chips:)

We are blessed with beautifully sunny, warm weather as we hike across some hills to Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park. White sand beaches and crystal clear, blue seas await us. It’s wonderful being one with nature, enjoying a picnic on the rocks and trying to catch a fish with the headline.

Time is on our side when we get back from this loop walk and we’ve got energy left so we spontaneously decided to hike up Mount Amos. It makes for some adventurous boulder scrambling and marvellous views over the whole region, 360° at the top – amazing!

View from Devils Corner Cellar Door over to Coles Bay

We spend a few nights along the east coast heading north, places with lovely names such as Friendly Beaches and Bay of Fires, all set amid gorgeous nature scenery one more beautiful then the next!

We stroll across the rocky beach, observe a spearfisher and even get to meet and greet with a cute wallaby, its little one peering out of the pouch shyly.

One morning a school of dolphins swims past leisurely … what a nice surprise … and what amazing creatures!

We really enjoyed exploring this part of Tasmania and the magnificent wildlife it has to offer, now we’ll drive inland and through the mountains all the way to the west coast!

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