Hobart and Mt Wellington

It’s afternoon and as we’re getting closer to Tasmania’s capital city so increases the flow of traffic. Clouds have moved in and so we see less and less of Mount Wellington, towering over Hobart. Still, we decide to drive up and beautifully winding streets take us higher and higher, the views get better at every turn and twist.

Arriving at the top at 1,271m, the landscape has changed quite a bit, it’s snowing!

Instead of an outlook, we indulge in the information panels and learn about Charles Darwin’s visit to “kunyani” as the name has been known to the original owners of the land. Equally beautiful, it has certainly been a bigger struggle back in those days, to reach the summit!

On our way down, we stop at a trailhead to check out a short walk with sweeping views over the city and discover a little stone hut with a cozy fireplace inside. Because it’s also got a table and benches and we still have some firewood left, we decide to cook our dinner here:)

Pitstop at the Fern Tree Tavern. What a lovely place to relax! Live music is playing … and we are playing. We are introduced to a super interesting bowling game that’s played along the bar and makes for lotsa laughter and happy memories at the tavern:)

We descend into Huon Valley and after some search find a quiet spot for the night, away from noise and light pollution.

The next morning we realise, we are close to a little farm that calls itself Bush Bakery. An award-winning family-run baking business as it turns out … and we have a beautifully sunny day ahead of us☀️

Strolling through Kingston by the sea and the historic Battery Point in Sydney…

The hustle and bustle around Hobart’s Salamanca Markets make a great final day to this fantastic road trip through Tasmania😎

Thank you for a wonderful time in Tasmania!

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