Austrian National Day Celebrations in Sydney

As always when 26th of October – Austria’s “Nationalfeiertag” – is approaching, I receive invites for a reception at the Austrian embassy or consulate of the country I’m living in currently and more and more it’s common to also have an Austrian get2gether announced on social media platforms.

And so we learn about the Austrian Club House in a neighbourhood just nearby. Taking our bikes for an adventurous uphill ride and after about 40 minutes there it is:

a quintessentially Austrian-style house complete with an outdoor beer garden. We see the red sun umbrellas of Almdudler from afar, the typical Gösser lamp over the entrance as we get closer. Inside the walls are decorated with flags of our 9 states and deer antlers and we listen to traditional Austrian music. The food is super tasty and the night flies bye🇦🇹

As an Austrian living abroad I’m looking forward to these events as it always comes with meeting many friendly fellow Austrians and friends, meet the ambassador and of course delicious food and fun music you don’t anywhere else when abroad 🙂

Thank You for this year’s invites and see you all again soon!

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