Camping Weekend the Aussie Style🔥

When the opportunity arose for us to come along with a bunch of newly found friends to join a camping weekend, we were all in. It meant packing our gear and travelling all the way across Sydney to Cronulla in the southern Shires.

We start on a Friday with drinks after work, Gyros for dinner and then a glass of wine on the porch, overlooking Nina and Kieran’s garden surrounded by tropical vegetation. Wow this feels like a holiday already, let the adventure begin: we decided to sleep outside in the fresh air, on the lounge … complete with spiders and mosquitoes, though it’s all good fun 😴

Early the next day Nina wakes us up and we drive south where we meet the other three parties (and their SUVs) for breakfast.

Somewhere south of Nowra, about 200 km from Sydney, we make a left turn and enter through a farm gate. We camp in the middle of nowhere, at the banks of a quiet river and with lots of space just for us, surrounded by nature.

Our Aussie friends have seemingly brought their whole household along😉 From fridge to kayak everything is on board😹

The curious Christmas Beetles pay us a visit at the campfire. Enthusiastically they – quite literally – jump at us. We don’t return their passionate hugs quite so enthusiastically, desperately trying to shake them off in turn. Sorry mate, not feeling it😆

What’s most fun, is all the Aussie slang we learn over the weekend … far out!

What an awesome weekend out in the bush camping, cheers folks. Can’t wait to do it all over again 🤗

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