Our 2019💖

What a whirlwind of a year it’s been!

I’m taking a moment to reflect on it all … my head still spinning and this overwhelming feeling of gratitude and how fortunate we are.

Dancing into 2019 in Vienna after a wonderful Christmas with my family back home in Styria, the green heart of Austria💚

Selling off all our possessions in London – furniture, fridge, mattress, a 10-year-old inkjet printer, Monopoly … everything must go!💸

Spontaneously flying to Brazil and going crazy for Carnival🎉

Saying goodbye to all our family, friends and colleagues – until we meet again😢😘

Packing up and stepping out of 44 Maysoule Road for the very last time. It’s raining cats and dogs as we leave for the airport🇬🇧

Spending a day in Dubai – a wondrous city with a magical feel to it, boasting the worlds tallest buildings🌇

Stepping onto Australian soil for the very first time. Love at first sight💘

Exploring Sydney😎

  • Living by the beach and taking the ferry to work
  • Whale watching at our doorstep
  • Attending a concert of the Australian Youth Orchestra inside Sydney’s famous opera house
  • Strolling through The Rocks historical neighbourhood
  • Walking the gorgeous shorelines of the many waterways surrounding Sydney
  • Immersing ourselves in fishing, snorkelling, skateboarding, riding waves and playing the guitar – live like a local

Visiting the capital Canberra🦘

Sailing through the Great Barrier Reef⛵️

Getting lucky at the Gold Coast📚

Walking through Melbourne’s many little alleyways and getting lost in Chinatown🥡

Touring Tasmania in a campervan and getting face-to-face with wallabies, echidnas and even the shy platypus🏕

Joining an xmas party in shorts and flip flops, no coat/hat/gloves whatsoever and receiving festive cards and parcels in this tropical setting✨

We will be welcoming 2020 in front of Sydney’s iconic Opera House ahead of our family and friends on other continents and can’t wait to see the adventures, surprises, challenges and wonders the next decade will bring along!

To start with, we are super excited to discover New Zealand’s South Island in late January and to host my parents here in Sydney also travelling together to Ayers Rock in the heart of the Australian Outback.

Austria will see me again on 10th of May when I’ll be taking off from a stop over in Seoul, South Korea!


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