Blue Mountains National Park

Yippie, we’re leaving Sydney on Thursday evening after work for our first camping trip in Australia. Our destination: Blue Mountains NP

Just about 2 hours drive from the big city, we’re in a different world!

We’re on top of a 1.100m high sandstone plateau, cut through by deep canyons, high waterfalls and with thick tropical forests opening up below us.

The name of this World Heritage region comes from a fine mist of oil, exuded by the huge eucalyptus trees giving it a slate-coloured haze over the wide valleys.

There’s numerous small towns along the way, each offers wonderful viewpoints into the long-stretching valleys, steep-falling canyons and some gorgeous waterfalls.

Lots of clifftop-hiking and bushwalking opportunities, our favourites are clearly the longer, more strenuous ones as there’s way less people and one truly feels one with nature … along creeks and crossing some waters, through dense forest and up/down rock walls, even past some hanging swamps which are a highlight for me 🙂

We get to swim in one of the natural rock pools, a refreshing bath after a few nights at one of the free campgrounds not providing any running water!

Below are some pics 😉

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